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Puppet Friendly City

Ciudad amiga de las Marionetas

Esch-sur-Sûre is a commune located in the heart of the Natural Park of the Upper Sûre, with the lake covering an area of 380 hectares, making it the largest reservoir of drinking water in the country. The area is an ideal spot for green tourism and family activities. Tadler counts about 80 inhabitants, who are more than happy to welcome artists and audience inside their home during the Marionettefestival.


The Marionettefestival is an international biennale puppet festival initiated by MASKéNADA a.s.b.l. in 2001, which takes place in Tadler (section of the commune of Esch-sur-Sûre) during the Whit break. Rotondes has taken over organisation duties in 2016.

The programme of the festival covers a wide range of styles and approaches towards puppet theatre, as well as object theatre, dwelling on topics that are suitable for both young people and adults. The events take place in people’s barns and garages. Even the church plays host to a few, which makes for an overall easy-going and intimate feel. The programme also includes performances for schools.

The bill features companies from here and abraod. There were 17 at the past edition, which equated to a total of 119 performances. Add to this a series of creative workshops, concerts, DJ sets and food stands by local associations. A child jury hands out the people’s choice award.

The biennale runs for four days (from Fri until Sun).

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