Puppet Friendly City

The Puppet is a very old figurine, anchored in collective memory.
It is both a source of inspiration and sharing. Its diversity of shapes and techniques, be it rod, wire, sheath, direct grip, whether it is the theater of shadows or objects, gives it a special place in the cultural sphere.

It makes it easy to address all ages, all social categories and promotes exchanges between professionals and / or amateurs, spectators.

The town of Frouard has been lucky enough to count among its inhabitants a painter, sculptor, ceramist and especially puppeteer recognized that is none other than Georges Condé, said Geo Condé.

The reconstruction of the cultural and artistic project of the Théâtre Gérard Philipe (TGP) was an opportunity to reconcile the history of the commune and its future around a development of the arts of puppetry through the Conventional Scene for the arts of The puppet and the animated forms.

Today the TGP has become a reference in this field, both in the register of diffusion and that of creation and awareness. It welcomes and accompanies young puppeteers in their creative process, organizes workshops for amateurs (young and adult), work placements for professionals and research laboratories.

Member of Latitude Marionnette association, he participates in the recognition of puppetry arts on a regional, national and international level.

For ten years, he has organized the international biennial Geo Condé, which has become a real meeting place for the public but also the artists who can thus present, exchange around their artistic practice.

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