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Puppet Friendly City

Ciudad amiga de las Marionetas

Segovia is the capital of the province of Segovia, belonging to the autonomous community of Castilla y Leon. It is located 90 km from Madrid and only 20 minutes by high speed train. Its privileged location makes our city a good choice for holidays.
In 1985 the old city of Segovia and its Aqueduct were declared World Heritage by UNESCO.
Segovia is a historic and monumental city par excellence. It has a wide range of awesome heritage, apart from an intense cultural life throughout the year, with well-known festivals such as Hay Festival, Folk Segovia, MUCES (European Film Festival “City of Segovia”), International Festival Segovia and so forth.
Indeed, Segovia is characterized by a long tradition in art education: from the 18th century, when Espinosa de los Monteros created design school to develop the artistic skills of a great number of artists, to 1977 when the School of Arts was founded (it is located in a Medieval house known as Casa de los Picos). In 1977 and 1978 Francisco Peralta taught puppet construction at this school, becoming special courses of emptying and modelage at the School of Arts and Crafts from 1980 to 1984.
Titirimundi, the International Puppet Festival of Segovia, was born 30 years ago with the aim of promoting the preservation, knowledge and dissemination of art of puppet theater as a cultural heritage. Over the years it has created an atmosphere that promotes cultural exchange with other countries. It is a unique showcase for the art of puppetry, with a national and international dimension.
Titirimundi has become one of the main attractions of Spain during the month of May, thanks to its interesting programme, well-known artists and the presence in the mass media. It is a popular event which reaches the social and cultural integration and favours the artistic consciousness of the society towards a live show and, particularly, puppetry.

A very important element of the heritage of the city is the medieval wall, raised between the end of the 11th and the beginning of the 12th century. In one of its ancient gates is where the museum is located since 2014.
The puppets are distributed in scenes. Each one has its own explanation about the technique used, year of creation and the theatre pieces they make reference to, in order to provide the visitors a detailed knowledge about puppetry in general, and about master Peralta, in particular. In one of the rooms there is a special area to watch a video in which the artist himself describes his technique and his works.

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Ayuntamiento de Segovia
Plaza Mayor, 1
40071 Segovia

Puppets collection of Francisco Peralta
Calle Puerta de Santiago, 36
40003 Segovia
Téléphone : +34 921 46 05 01