In 2022 AVIAMA launches the International Award of the Initiative. The objective: to reward innovative and remarkable actions that contribute to the enhancement of the puppetry arts. Every two years a city around the world will be honored with a trophy representing the values of AVIAMA. This trophy, which is a true work of art, was designed by the artist Mylène LeBoeuf-Gagné, scenographer and puppeteer, from the city of Saguenay.

A call for projects launched by the city of Saguenay to design the award

In 2021, during the implementation of the Initiative Award, AVIAMA commissioned the city of Saguenay to design the Trophy.

The city of Saguenay launched a call for applications from artists in its region to design the trophy. The final choice fell on the artist Mylène LeBoeuf-Gagné, scenographer and puppeteer, who knew how to emphasize both the energy that the artist gives to the object so that it becomes a puppet and the mission of the AVIAMA, to create links between the member cities, the artists and the public.

Mylène LeBoeuf – Gagné presents her proposal in the video below:

The three elements of the trophy: the hand, the sphere and the strings

The hand is the image of the art of manipulation, of the power of “movement”, of the power to give life. It is the bridge of the meeting with the other: to stretch out the hand towards the other, to give the hand. It is also a symbol of claim: to claim its presence, to defend it. It is a parallel between the art of puppetry, the social role and the integration mission of AVIAMA.

Strings are an important tool in the making and manipulation of characters. They are presented in the work as vectors of communication, bridges that seek to unite, that create paths, that weave links, that stimulate exchanges. They are also the links between the fingers and the sphere, the relationship of the artists with the world, the public which enriches the meetings thus making the puppet so alive, to see magic.

The sphere represents the Earth, the universality, the endless, the limitless. It personifies the unity and diversity of the creators who work on this planet who, like the strings, take their own path and approach, meet, feed and inspire each other and thus transform their path. It evokes the infinity of associations and the limitlessness of creations.

A proposal unanimously approved by the AVIAMA member cities.

The City of Saguenay presented the Trophy to the member cities at the EGA held by videoconference on January 22, 2022. It was unanimously validated with enthusiasm! Thanks to the City of Saguenay teams and to the artist Mylène LeBoeuf-Gagné for this achievement! The bronze production of the Trophy can now begin. It will be presented to the winner of the lnitiative Award at the next AVIAMA General Assembly scheduled for August 2022 at Chuncheon, Korea.

Learn more about the AVIAMA International Initiative Award:

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