Presentation of
the AVIAMA association


The universal character
of the puppetry

Culture is a common good of the humankind. It plays a fundamental role, both in the identity and the stability of societies, but also for the people fulfilment and the development of territories. Puppetry is a living art which leans on a long history and a promising future. Present in almost all the cultures of the world, puppet arts allow to speak with an universal, accessible language to all, whatever is its condition and its original country.

Do of puppetry
an development factor

The purpose of the members of the AVIAMA is to encourage the local presence of the puppet arts so that they can fulfil their social role and being used as vector of development of their territories. Because the puppet, thanks to its specificities, can bring answers whether in terms of image, economic and tourist development or cultural enhancement, educational project and social integration.

Role of
local leaders

The role of the local authorities and that of their political leaders are essential : their support at the same time for creation, broadcasting, training and conversation of heritage is crucial to the puppet arts. This direct or indirect, support to artists, associations, festivals and to the facilities often makes up an important part of their action in the cultural sector.

What is AVIAMA used for ?

The number and the diversity of the cities where puppetry is practised represent a source of wealth, a real potential of opportunities for the political decision-markers to whom AVIAMA offers to multiply the opportunities to meet and to develop common projects. AVIAMA aims to become a real place for exchanges, ressources and implementations of projects dedicated to the local authorities.

Place for

Between the political leaders, but between them and the cultural professionals as well, so that all the involved actors can discuss, but also find examples of worldwide initiatives and implementations, exchange best practices.

Place of

To offer a concrete support to the political authorities in the implementation of their cultural project and/or local development : connecting with potential partners, consulting in cultural engineering and international cooperation, helping to obtain national or international fundings, trainings etc.

Place for

To provide a framework of implementation of bilateral or multilateral cultural cooperation projects that include AVIAMA and the member cities between them.
How does AVIAMA work ?

Governance of the association
AVIAMA is endowed with three bodies :

A general

which meets every year, alternately in Charleville-Mézières (France), on the occasion of the World Festival of puppet theatres, and in one of the member cities.

An administration

which is the initiating and leading body of the association.

An office

which role is to implement the decisions of the administration board and to represent the AVIAMA. It is currently chaired by Mrs Claudine Ledoux (former mayor of Charleville-Mézières – France) and includes mayors and leaders of local governments :

  • Chairwoman : Mrs Claudine LEDOUX (Honorary member)
  • Vice Chairman : Mr Takeshi SATO, Mayor of Iida (Japan)
  • Treasurer : Mr Jakub HORA, Director of the Alfa Theater in Plzen (Czech republic)
  • Secretary : Mr Andu MARTINEZ DE RITUERTO, Mayor of Tolosa (Spain)

The resources

The annual contribution of the member cities of the AVIAMA was calculated so that it is not a barrier to their membership. It is fixed according to the gross national income of every country and the number of inhabitants of every local authority. In any case, the amount of the annual contribution can not be under 400  and exceed 1700 €.