Puppets and Mobility grants 2020: 4 winning projects

Ce 15 avril 2020, dans un contexte de crise sanitaire mondiale, l’Aviama a souhaité plus que jamais réaffirmer ses engagements en faveur des jeunes artistes et de la mobilité et a tenu à respecter le calendrier prévu pour attribuer les Bourses 2020 de l’appel à projet lancé en octobre 2019

Quatre projets ont été retenus bénéficiant chacun de montants significatifs permettant des projets ambitieux et professionnels :

Customs, a European creation by Liza Cox, Joana Feijo, Emilie Parmentier, Eléonore Antoine Snowden

(France – Germany – Greece – Spain): € 2,000.

For periods of residency in Göttingen, Thessaloniki and Tolosa for four young puppeteers. The show will be created during the next Unima Congress where young puppeteers from 4 continents will present artistic forms all adapted from the same text Customs by the author Marcos Nicolaiewsky.

Les Vagues by the Théâtre de l’Entrouvert

(France – Japan): € 2,000.

For a study and artistic and technical research trip to Japan, in Iida, for the next creation of the company.

Lovo by the company Teatro Lafauna

(Spain – Belgium): € 1,800.

For Belgian and Spanish members of the company for the creation (residency and premiere) of the Lovo show.

Profane and Sacred by Simon Moers and Tomoe Kobaye

(Belgium – Japan): € 2,000.

For a journey of artistic and scientific research on popular and local traditions of the Matsuri and Kadosuke ceremonies in Japan. Naturally, these grants will be adjusted to the new stages of project realization and according to the new calendar provided by the recipients.

While we are physically forced to stay at home, to close our doors and our borders, AVIAMA supports artists more than ever and recalls the fundamental role of culture, both in the identity and the stability of our societies, but also for the development of people.

Crédit photo : Elise Vigneron

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