By creating, in 2021, an International Prize for Initiative in the field of puppetry, the Member Cities of the AVIAMA wanted to reward on an international scale those who, through innovative action, contribute to highlighting the puppetry arts, to defending their development and to encouraging their recognition by a wide audience.

International recognition

This Prize rewards all those who encourage the puppetry arts in all their aspects and dimensions. AVIAMA wishes to draw the attention of the public, professionals and local governments to innovative and fruitful initiatives that encourage dialogue, respect and the moral values of humanity, beyond differences and cultures.

The jury for this third edition of the Prize is chaired by the city of Chuncheon, and includes the cities of Saguenay and Plzen, as well as two representatives associated for their expertise, Mr Dadi Pudumjee, Honorary President of UNIMA, and Mr Luk de Bruyker, founder of the company Theater Taptoe.


In 2024, the AVIAMA International Prize for Initiative will be awarded to a local government or to a structure that is administratively and financially under the authority of a local government (a museum, for example). Nominations may be submitted up to and including Monday 11 March 2024.

The Jury’s choice will be announced on 22 May 2024.

Prize rules

To download the complete rules of the Prize.

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