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Yunlin County

Puppet Friendly City

Ciudad amiga de las Marionetas

Yunlin County is located on the west coast of the island of Taiwan. Today there are nearly 650,000 inhabitants.

It is also the cradle of Putaishi of Taiwan, a popular ancient theatrical art from the continent that has developed as a specific art in Taiwan.

Since 1999, the “Yunlin International Puppet Theater” has become one of the important cultural activities of Yunlin Prefecture, and Putaishi is now listed as UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage and World Famous.

This legacy paves the way for the development of the cultural industry by promoting Yunlin as the country of origin of this theatrical form of puppetry.

The goal is to conquer a new audience by supporting exchanges with big international companies, to widen the creative potential and to make themselves known in order to develop.

The Yunlin International Puppet Theater Festival, which has become a major artistic, cultural and tourist event in Taiwan, offered a total of 100 performances in October 2018.

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Yunlin County Government
N° 515, Sector 2, Yunlin Road
64001 DOULIU CITY (Yunlin County)