In 2022, the Polish company Teatr Lalek Guliwer received one of the AVIAMA Puppets and Mobility grants, to finance the mobility costs necessary for the development of their show “City of Lights” in Tolosa (Spain).

The genesis of an international project

“The City of Lights” is an international project that started in Poland. Created by the Chilean-Spanish puppeteer David Zuazola, its characteristic is that it can be developed in very different places around the world. The first show in the project was a co-production between Teatr Lalek Guliwer and Unia Teatr Niemozliwy, whose scenario was inspired by the life of the inhabitants of Warsaw, the Polish capital.

The first stage of creation took place in workshops open to the inhabitants: their ideas helped shape the performance.

“City of Lights” in Warsaw inspired Teatr Lalek Guliwer to create a similar project in Spain, in Tolosa.

A creative and participatory performance

The entire Spanish project ran from 18 October to 28 November 2022. The first stage of the project was a month-long series of workshops called “City of Lights Tolosa” with the residents of Tolosa, led by David Zuazola.

During the creative workshops, over 15 participants told stories about their city. Sharing their vision in a creative and visual way, they worked together to create the story and the scenography and “build” their dream city.

At the end of the workshops, the creative team of participants and David Zuazola were joined by Pawel Jaroszewicz, an actor from Teatr Guliwer. David Zuazola and Pawel Jaroszewicz then designed the sets and scenery, organised two rehearsals and gave seven performances, each with 40-60 spectators, including school children and their teachers.

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