Iida (Japon)
le 3 August 2023
jusqu'au 6 August 2023

In 2023, the Iida Puppet Festa will be held from August 3rd to August 6th.

The Iida Puppet Festa is the largest puppet show festival in Japan. Anyone can participate : citizens and Performers create the festival together.
Various styles of puppet shows gather in Iida, representing both traditional and modern forms of this art.
Over 350 performances are held at about 140 venues in Iida city. In addition to performances, there are many other events such as the “Waiwai Parade” or “Wakuwaku Workshop”.
This year the Iida Puppet Festa have the pleasure to welcome troupes from Taiwan and Korea as a result of the improvement of the Covid situation, and will be happy to welcome spectators from all over the world.