On January 22, 2021, the French town of Tournefeuille, near Toulouse, made its entry into the Association of puppet friendly towns. Unanimous adoption of the others members.

A thirty-year-old festival, recognized professional training, two specialized puppet classes at the School of Artistic Education … Puppetry culture is deeply rooted in Tournefeuille, a city in the Toulouse metropolitan area. On January 22, 2021, AVIAMA members voted unanimously to join their network.

The 19th member

With this new member, the puppet-friendly towns now have nineteen territories spread over four continents, between France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, the Czech Republic, Poland, Quebec, Mali, Japan, the island of Taiwan and South Korea. A municipality of 27,000 inhabitants and 145 associations, Tournefeuille occupies a leading role in the Toulouse conurbation thanks to reference structures.

The Marionnettissimo festival

« Creative city, participatory and committed to a real cultural policy », it promotes the arts of puppetry throughout the Midi-Pyrénées region through its festival Marionnettissimo. Founded in 1990 by « puppet activists », it brought together nearly 120 partner locations throughout the region. Every November (except in 2020), contemporary, local and international shows are played for 6 days, bringing together a diverse audience.

And… two Puppet classes!

As for the shows, the puppet is present all year round thanks to an annual program. The Marionnettissimo association also offers an important educational component with renowned professional training (Qualiopi certified) or internships.

Since autumn 2019, a partnership between the city and Marionnettissimo has opened up the School of artistic education (EEA) two puppet classes intended for adult and child amateurs. After music, dance, plastic arts and theater, it is now possible to approach the puppet through manipulation and play without forgetting construction, in connection with the discovery of artistic creations

The School of artistic education of the city of Tournefeuille ensures both a teaching mission for all interested amateurs and a mission of cultural awakening and artistic education: in these specialized classes, discovery and sharing for young and old on the program, also in connection with the entire cultural program of the city. The speakers are qualified professionals: artists, actors, visual artists, directors …

At the end of the school year, a show brings together the two age groups. Another innovative choice from this municipal school!

New applications from cities are expected by AVIAMA for the next general assembly to be held in July in Saguenay (Quebec).

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