By creating the International Prize AVIAMA of the Initiative, the 21 member cities of the International Association of Puppet Friendly Cities, are proud to be able to reward on an international scale those who by a remarkable, innovative, and exemplary action, contribute to emphasize the arts of the puppet, to defend their development and to encourage their recognition by a wide public.

International acknowledgement

In 2019, AVIAMA launched the Puppet and Mobility Grant to support artists, researchers, professionals and amateurs in projects related to puppetry. In total, about forty beneficiaries have already been supported to create exchanges between different countries and continents.

The AVIAMA International Award for Initiative, launched in 2021, will reward those who promote the puppet arts in all its aspects and dimensions. The network wishes to draw the attention of the public, professionals and local governments to innovative and successful puppet initiatives that promote dialogue, respect and the moral values of humanity, beyond differences and cultures.

The jury of the Prize for the first two years will be chaired by the city of Chuncheon, and composed of the cities of Saguenay and Liberec, as well as two representatives associated because of their expertise, Mr Dadi Pudumjee, honorary president of UNIMA and Mr Luk de Bruycker, founder of the company Theater Taptoe.

Who is it for?

The AVIAMA International Award will be awarded every second year to a local government or official structure, such as a city or a museum. The following year it will be awarded to an association or individual(s). Applications will be submitted and supported by one of the cities in the AVIAMA network. The initiatives to be considered for the award of the Prize must be free of partisan thinking and in line with the values promoted by the Association.


In 2022, the AVIAMA Initiative Award will go to a local government or official body. Nominations may be submitted up to and including Tuesday 3 May 2022. The Award will be officially presented to Chuncheon in September 2022 at the AVIAMA General Assembly.

September 2022 will also be the launch time for the 2023 call for nominations, for an association or individual(s) (artist, researcher, author…). This award will be presented in August 2023 during the AVIAMA General Assembly in Saguenay, Quebec, Canada.

The City of Saguenay is also the project manager for the production of the award. The City Council launched a call for applications from artists in its territory for the creation of the trophy. The artist was chosen in October. At the next meeting of member cities in January 2022, the city of Saguenay will present a video of the artist explaining her artistic approach and presenting the trophy in 3D.

The Prize Rules

To download the complete rules of the prize

Metamorphosis, Poetry in motion – Worlds of Puppets, Bernd Ogrodnik

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